Mission statement

The Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in Chemistry and Biology of Proteins (CIPKeBiP) will connect the top available expertise, knowhow, and technology of Slovenian research laboratories in protein science, thus emphasizing biomedical relevance of the applied project (priority health and life sciences). The Centre is coordinated by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular and Structural Biology at JSI, the leading edge of Slovenian biochemical science and includes institutions from central and northeastern region of Slovenia as well as small, medium and large industrial entities.

Extensive international collaborations and memberships in international bodies such as the pan European infrastructure project INSTRUCT will help us to access and adapt cutting edge technologies and knowhow to our needs. In the areas such as protein production, analysis and structure determination, high throughput/output (parallel) methodological approaches will be applied by minimizing the required volumes. These technologies will be used in studies with a specific biological focus of high scientific relevance and of high biomedical (infectious diseases, signaling pathways) and environmental (adaption mechanisms of extremofiles) importance. High profile research will drive and assure the development of technological expertise and knowhow which will be applied in several projects relevant for industrial partners, with drug discovery, optimisation and drug synthesis being the target technology developments.

The created knowledge will be continuously monitored and evaluated as a driving force for increasing competitiveness of small biotech as well as medium/large pharmaceutical companies. The enhanced synergy of this partnership will foster education of highly qualified and skilled personnel at the beginning of their scientific careers for the needs of academic and industrial research.

Operation, program of development of centre of excellence, with title “Centre of excellence for integrated approaches in chemistry and biology of proteins“ (No. operation OP13., partly finances European Union, namely from European regional development fund. Operation is carried out under the Operational programme for strengthening regional development potentials for period 2007-2013, developmental priority: Competitiveness of enterprises and research excellence; priority orientation: Improvement of competitive abilities of enterprises and research excellence. Operation partly finances European Union, namely from European regional development fund, in height of 85 %. Share of Slovenian co-financing is 15 %.